Pledge: I hereby promise to NOT end my life without first communicating with a friend to say goodbye.

THE PLEDGE FOR LIFE is a vow we make with those we love that we promise to take the time to say goodbye before one of us ends our life. It’s a promise that we make with our closest family or friends that makes it safe to talk about suicide and all that’s connected to it. When the pain of existence is too much to bear we can lose sight of the impact our actions have on those we love. Sometimes just taking the time to be in the presence of someone who loves us is enough to weather out the storm.

OUR GOAL is to shine light on this aspect of our shared human experience and unify in order to heal and evolve. The specific goal of this campaign is to get people to MAKE and SHARE THE PLEDGE. We believe that it has the potential of saving lives and preventing unnecessary suffering. We wish to collaborate with all who are committed to Preventing Suicide. Please SHARE with your friends and MAKE THE PLEDGE!

Globally 800,000 people die from suicide every year. That’s 2191 a day, or 91 people an hour. More than one every minute of every hour and day.The trauma that each suicide leaves is exponential in the families and communities. There are hundreds of Suicide Prevention organizations. Hundreds of thousands of therapists, counselors, social workers, and doctors are available to work with anyone at risk of committing suicide.  Hundreds of millions of people have known someone who has taken their own life. Take action today and you will have an exponential impact on the world around you. Share this website or this article and take the pledge with someone you love today!



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